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SimuRide HE (Home Edition) - Driving Simulator

SimuRide HE (Home Edition) - Driving Simulator

SimuRide Road Rules

Driver Education Suite (2 different programs on 1 CD, multilingual).
Road Rules & Driving Simulation Education Software for Right and Left Hand Traffic; the SimuRide Home Edition Driving Simulator is intended for Individuals only.

It is a fully functional driving simulator designed to practice a driving passenger vehicle (with automatic transmission) at home. Driving in a safe simulation environment without any stress will help first time drivers to gain confidence behind the wheel. The Road Rules - US & Canada Driving Test is the interactive educational software on CD-ROM made for beginner drivers. This product is designed to help in preparation for the official Driving Test Theory Exam and Road Test.

Learning within a driving simulation environment is just like playing a computer game. It is rare for kids these days not to have their own computer with a simple steering wheel and pedals attached to it.

The SimuRide HE Driving Simulator is the key to success on the road; begin your Driver Adventure in stress-less atmosphere.

See More and Watch the SimuRide HE Driving Simulator Introduction & Installation Video HERE


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