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Beginner Driver Simulator and Education Software

AplusB Software driving simulator

AplusB Software CDL Driving Simulation - SimuRide

We specialize in Driver Education for all jurisdictions within North America.
Our Customers include army, government agencies, police departments, correctional institutions, driving schools, hospitals, rehabilitation and research institutions around the World.

Our Driving Simulation products help beginners and commercial drivers, preparing them for written tests and teaching them how to operate vehicles with automatic & manual transmissions (including double clutching).

Drunk Driving Simulator and Texting while Driving are very popular SimuRide functions that are used in DUI/DWI as well as in Texting and Driving prevention programs.

Users can practice tests and safe Simulation driving on their home computers.
Driving Schools provide more than lessons to a new driver, they provide peace of mind to the parents. Having a Driving Simulator in the classroom can offer parents a way to insure their teen is safely practicing driving habits.

Visit our Online Store (see left Menu) to purchase a Driving Simulator software or hardware.

We also offer Beginner Driver Education Curriculum for Driving Schools; a modern, flexible approach to Beginner Driver Education.  More about our government-approved BDE Curriculum Here.

beginner.driver.education.curriculum.cd SimuRide Different Weather Conditions

SimuRide HE (Home Edition) - Driving Simulator

SimuRide Road Rules

Driver Education Suite (2 different programs on 1 CD, multilingual).
Road Rules & Driving Simulation Education Software for Right and Left Hand Traffic; the SimuRide Home Edition Driving Simulator is intended for Individuals only.

It is a fully functional driving simulator designed to practice a driving passenger vehicle (with automatic transmission) at home. Driving in a safe simulation environment without any stress will help first time drivers to gain confidence behind the wheel. The Road Rules - US & Canada Driving Test is the interactive educational software on CD-ROM made for beginner drivers. This product is designed to help in preparation for the official Driving Test Theory Exam and Road Test.

Learning within a driving simulation environment is just like playing a computer game. It is rare for kids these days not to have their own computer with a simple steering wheel and pedals attached to it.

The SimuRide HE Driving Simulator is the key to success on the road; begin your Driver Adventure in stress-less atmosphere.

See More and Watch the SimuRide HE Driving Simulator Introduction & Installation Video HERE
SimuRide Pro (Professional Edition) - Driving Simulator
SimuRide Pro Driving Simulator

It is a fully functional Driving Simulation tool to teach and practice driving commercial and passenger vehicles. The SimuRide Driving Simulator is designed for all kinds of Driving Schools and Individuals.

Many student truck drivers find going to truck driving schools scary and stressful. They find it scary because they are made to sit behind the wheel of an actual semi-truck right from the start, with the instructor sitting beside them and giving them instructions how to use the manual transmission. They find it stressful because the dangers they face with one single mistake – and it is possible to make a lot of mistakes when learning how to drive a big truck requiring a double clutching.

AplusB Software Corporation, makers of e-learning Driving Simulation Software for training Truck, Bus, and Passenger Vehicle drivers, has just released their latest upgrade for the SimuRide Professional Edition Driving Simulator.

See More and Watch the SimuRide Driving Simulator Introductory Video Clip Here

CDL - Commercial Driver's License Manual (CD)
Commercial Driver's License Manual CD 

If you or someone you know is looking for a career as a truck driver or commercial vehicle operator, Driving Simulation AplusBsoftware has all the questions, answers and preparation materials required for success.

Up-to-date (2012), comprehensive and covering all possible questions asked during the Hazmat CDL Test or Pre-Trip Inspection, this Driving Simulation Software is all you need to pass the written test.  Also covering practical aspects such as required maneuvers, border crossing, log books etc., our CDL Driving Test Software will have you more than well prepared for the testing procedure. It is also the perfect solution for those looking to renew their licenses or simply strengthen their current knowledge.

See More and take FREE CDL Practice Test Here

Road Rules - US & Canada Driving Test (CD)
US & Canada Driving Test CD

The ROAD RULES US & Canada Driving Test is the interactive 10 language educational software on CD-ROM designed for drivers of all ages and experience, travelers and persons updating their driving skills.  This product is designed to help you to pass the official Driving Test Theory Exam and Road Test, travel from state to state, province to province and save your time and money. 

Learn and practice the hundreds of questions and their answers with our comprehensive driving test software.  Choose from over 60 states/provinces and practice the rules of that region.  Do you know that 40% of road accidents in North America involve new drivers?  It’s very important for you to update your knowledge, as rules and laws keep changing.  Being misinformed or unaware of one simple rule could cost you thousands in repairs or worse!  Remember, driving rules in Los Angeles, CA are different to those in Montreal, QC.

Rules of the Road (DVD)
DVD Rules Of The Road

The 2-Disc set is designed to teach new drivers everything they need to know to become safe, smart, and skillful drivers. You'll learn everything from driving in parking lots to residential streets and highways. Additionally, you will learn about driving in hazardous conditions, identifying road signs, and much more.

While Rules of the Road covers general rules for driving within North America, the safety precautions, driving maneuvers, and how-to segments will be helpful regardless of where you drive. It is not made for any one specific state/province. This driver's ed course shows impressive animations for various driving maneuvers; real-life footage is also included.

Watch Video Previews Here

Steering Wheel Set
Different Types of Steering Wheels

We offer a different types of Steering Wheels for our SimuRide Driving Simulator.
Each Steering wheel set includes pedals and some of them the gear shifter.
For the SimuRide Professional Driving Simulator, the Logitech G25/G27/G29/G920 is required.
For the SimuRide Home and Commercial Editions Driving Simulator, any type of steering wheel that works with the PC can be used.

See More Click Here

Alcohol Goggles

Alcohol goggles

Alcohol Goggles (can be used with or without the driving simulator) simulate effects of impairment, including reduced alertness, slowed reaction time, confusion, visual distortion, alteration of depth and distance perception, reduction of peripheral vision, poor judgment and decision making, double vision, and lack of muscular coordination. For some people, impairment might result from as little as one alcoholic drink. Impairment can also result from combining alcohol with prescription medication.
Moreover, we offer Drug Goggles, Cannabis Goggles, Ecstasy/Molly/LSD Goggles, Red-Eye Goggles and Snooze Goggles.

Each goggles includes a cloth carrying bag and an Instructor's Guide.

See More Click Here

Magnetic Student Driver Signs
Magnetic signs

Now you and your student can benefit from the advantage enjoyed by professional driving schools. Our magnetic "Student Driver" signs alert other drivers that your vehicle is being driven by a new driver. You'll be amazed at the difference these signs make in the attitude of the driver, teacher and other motorists. 

A recent survey showed that 99% of all drivers on the road would be more courteous to cars exhibiting a sign that indicated that the driver was a student.

Reduces stress
- Real vinyl magnets, won't damage your car
- Legible from over 100 feet away.

See More Click Here

Portable Car Camera for Parents and Instructors

Car CameraThe camera can record and display the events that are happening inside or outside the car.
It is user friendly, has built in microphone, night-vision and battery.
Included: camera, car charger, USB cable and camera holder.

Parents can monitor a teens learning progress and determine if they are texting or talking on the phone while driving.
Schools and Instructors can view the "black box" to show the recording of the driver should there be an accident or incident.

Hickory Black Carbon Car Steering Wheel

Steering Knob Spinner Knob Auxiliary Booster Aid Control Handle.
Mounted to the steering wheel, increasing the torque effect, turntable can be rotated 90 degrees.
Suitable for the steering wheel diameter below 1,1/3" (32mm).
Move mouse over the image to see more.

Mini Personal Alcohol Breathalyzer

Alcohol Breathalyzer Portable Key Chain Digital LED Alcohol Breath Tester, designed for quick BAC test. Count-down & count-up time keep you alert the deadline of your parking. A simple method to analysis Blood Alcohol Concentration at anytime and anywhere; quick response and resume. Super bright orange LED flashlight, help you to find the key hole of your car in dark. 3 Level coloured BAC indication (Safe, Caution and Danger).
Package contents 3 in 1 LED Alcohol Breath Tester & Timer with Flashlight Torch Combo (two AAA batteries not included).
Move mouse over the image to get more information.

Black Leather Fingerless Driver Gloves - Leatherbull

Leather Gloves Black Leather Fingerless Driver or Motorcycle Biker Glove - Leatherbull.
Holes in knuckle allow ventilation.
These gloves tend to run 1 size smaller than normal. We recommend ordering at least one size larger than normal to insure a proper fit.

Skid & DUI Simulation

The Skid Control and Driving Under the Influence software simulation (implemented in the SimuRide PE) is a proven concept in driver training; it teaches a driver to think.

The controlled driving, in uncontrolled environment such as: snow, ice, gravel or water, where the vehicle can experience different external physical forces, is very effective for driver training. The driver, based on his judgment, can minimize risk and maximize performance behind the wheel. The idea is to learn driving skills applying proper strategies to control all forces that increase the skid hazard.

The SimuRide PE offers 3 levels of DUI. Depends on the strength selected, the simulated image changes dynamically from clear to blurry, objects inside and outside the vehicle are moving, and the vehicle moves towards the left or the right side of the road.

Distracted Driving and Fuel Efficiency

Another very helpful function is the reaction time measurement, that is a perfect tool to prove to any driver that distracted driving is very dangerous. Giving a driver a cellphone and asking him to text when driving, and at the same time recording his reaction time will convince anyone that texting while driving could lead to a fatality.

SimuRide PE displays also the gas efficiency indicator. This function teaches students not only how to save on gas, but also reducing pollution in the air.

Experience is the Best Teacher.

In addition to the United States and Canada, our Driving Simulation AplusBsoftware is also being sold with great success in over 70 other countries.

Whether you run a fleet of forklifts, cars, taxis, buses or trucks our Driving Test Software is a great way to keep your employees up to date on the latest road rules and procedures at a national level.

Reducing fines, accidents and injuries for both companies and employees alike, via theoretical and practical education. Through instruction, practice and awareness we believe our Driving Simulation AplusBsoftware will assist in reducing fatalities on our roads and in the work place.

Driving SimulatorCDL Free TestCDL Manual, Road RulesBeginner Driver Education Curriculum and more. Our quality driving simulation solutions are sure to meet your license requirements across the North America.

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